you me hour impactWHAT IS hOur IMPACT?

hOur IMPACT is a time bank program sponsored by Clark County where individuals exchange assets, resources and expertise with time as the sole currency.

For every hour deposited in hOur IMPACT, members are able to withdraw an hour of service for their needs.

Every individual’s time is valued equally. Membership is free. Time is the only currency.

An hour exchanged based on the equality of time empowers individuals to utilize their assets and enhance their lives, neighborhoods and communities. The hOur IMPACT program provides a mechanism for people to come together within their community and a means for local interest groups/businesses to share skills and talents in a mutually beneficial way.

The program helps neighbors to reconnect and communities to thrive while assisting those who may be unable to pay for important services to support themselves. The hOur IMPACT programs works by:

  • Allowing community members to exchange skills or services among one another without any money changing hands;
  • Assisting neighbors helping each other by connecting communities through engagement, reciprocity and respect;
  • Involving ALL members of the community; and
  • Acknowledging that every human being has something of value to contribute.


  • Simply sign up at hourimpact.org. It's easy and its free.
  • Once you register, you will receive a temporary password by email so you can log onto your account.
  • List skills you can share (offers) and help you need (requests)
  • Browse other member's offers and requests
  • Contact one another by email to set up a time to meet and conduct the exchange
  • Record the hours you earned
  • Repeat

The mobileapp hOurWorld makes it convenient to access from your smart phone.


Membership in hOur IMPACT will consist primarily of individuals living in the Clark County area.


hOur IMPACT is sponsored by Clark County through the Commission on Aging