How does it work? On the hOur IMPACT website (www.hourimpact.org) members can login and post service offerings that they would like to perform for other members and post requests for what services they would like to receive. Through the website, they may browse service offerings and requests posted by other members. Members can contact each other through email and arrange to talk on the phone or meet up to further discuss the details of the exchange. If they are not having success in coordinating to receive a service, they can contact the hOur IMPACT Coordinator to help. Members earn Time Credits after each service performed and then can spend the Time Credits on whatever they want from the listed service offerings.  Each member gives and receives in equal measure. There are also opportunities to donate hours earned to local charities. See the membership policies for more information on our processes, fees, and policies.

What are Time Credits? When you spend an hour providing service to another member, you (as the service provider) record the exchange using the hOur IMPACT website.  In this case you would record one Time Credit to be added to your account and subtracted from the account of the member who received the service. (Half-hours can also be recorded.) Time Credits can be exchanged at the rate of one per hour for anything offered by another member provided the person is willing and available.

How do I keep track of my hours?  After you have completed an exchange, you log onto your account and record your hours under the Statement tab. 

Does a Time Credit have a monetary value? No. Time Credits operate outside of the market economy, and only track services people provide for each other.

Are Time Credits taxable? Time Credits have been ruled tax-exempt by the IRS because an hour is always valued at one hour regardless of service. There is no legal responsibility on anyone’s part to redeem a Time Credit and because the purpose of Time Credits is charitable. Business Members participating in the program should check with your tax consultant.

Are there units smaller than one Time Credit/one hour? hOur IMPACT uses units as small as 1/2 Time Credit or 1/2 hour. (Plus we always round up!)

What kind of services is typically offered by members? Our members provide almost any service imaginable; animal care, life coaching, tutoring, teaching crafts and hobbies (knitting, fishing, etc.), running errands, cooking, reading aloud, housecleaning, sewing/hemming, taxi service, hair cutting, computer help,photography, gardening, composting, chicken keeping, yard work and more.  Services can be as simple as a comforting calling to someone needing a human contact to medical services. The list keeps growing. You can search our list of available services by clicking here.

Who Can Join? Everyone! Our membership is open to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Individuals, families, businesses, non-profit, organizations, and  associations in Clark County can join

Do I have to live in Clark County to join? Yes, we are focused on Clark County at this time. We hope to expand over time.

What are the benefits of joining? Joining hOur IMPACT gives you access to the talents, time and skills of your neighbors while giving you an opportunity to help others in meaningful ways. It’s a great way to get connected with others in your community one hour at a time.

How do I join?

Joining hOur IMPACT is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Review the Member Policies

Step 2: Fill out an online application form

Step 3: Fill out an online background check form. See the Screening Guidelines

Step 4: Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with a temporary password, so you can set up your online profile, upload a photo, post offers and requests, browse offers and requests, and start exchanging.

Note: hOur IMPACT is now free for everyone (individuals, businesses ,organizations, associations).

Who sponsors hOur IMPACT? Clark County sponsors the hOur IMPACT program through the Commission on Aging.

Can a business or non-profit organization or neighborhood association join? Yes. A business, organization, or non-profit agency, or neighborhood association can join as a Business/ Organization member. This creates one account for the organization which the organization’s representative can use to give and receive services for the organization. Organizations can earn Time Credits by providing meeting rooms, offering classes to other time bank members or providing volunteers to fill a service request. Organizations can spend Time Credits by having others help them fill occasional needs such as facilitating a meeting, yard work, inventory, moving, website design, graphic design, extra staffing for special events, etc. If you work with a business/organization/association that would like to become a member, please review the organization-related portions of the Member Policies, then have the organization “Join” hOur IMPACT, and review the Terms and Conditions for organizational members. The administrator of the organization who opens the organization’s hOur IMPACT account needs to also apply for a background check. If the administrator also wants to have a personal hOur IMPACT account, they need to use different email addresses for their personal account and for their organization’s account, but they can use the same background check for both accounts. Every account must have it’s own unique email address.

What does it cost to join?

hOur IMPACT is now free for everyone (individuals, businesses ,organizations, associations).

What about safety? All hOur IMPACT applicants must undergo a basic level of screening which includes a criminal background check and review under the Child and Adult Abuse Act. This is done through a third party provider called Protect Youth Sports. All personal information provided on this form goes through a secure server directly to Protect Youth Sports. The county does not see or retain any of this information.

Each member is responsible for determining whether they are comfortable interacting with another member prior to arranging an exchange. We encourage members to personally meet other members in a public location prior to meeting privately.

Where does the hOur IMPACT website software come from and is it secure? The software is offered by hOur World Exchange Portland (HEP); a Portland, Maine time bank. The software is maintained by a central cooperative organization, Gaia Host, which provides accessible support, training and communications. The software was constructed so that each member has control over their own privacy and content. It operates on private, secure servers on HIPAA-compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out to the internet. The software is also available as a mobile application. HEP requires each member to agree to a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use/Service (TOS).

What if I don’t have computer access, or don’t want to use a computer?  If you don’t have access to a computer, check with your local library for locations where public access computers are available. If you don’t want to use a computer, contact your hOur IMPACT Coordinator to help connect with someone than can assist you with arranging exchanges or setting up a computer mentor to work with you.

You can also use the hOur IMPACT mobile app to access the website. It is easiest to set up a new account from a computer, but once it is set up, you can use the mobile app to post offers and requests, browse other people’s offers and requests and contact members of hOur IMPACT

Is hOur IMPACT like bartering?  

No. Barter is trading, based on cash value. Our currency is based on time, with no relation to market value and it is not a direct trade between two people. If an hOur IMPACT member gives an hour of their time, they can receive an hour of anyone else's time within the hOur IMPACT community. And unlike barter, the IRS has determined that exchanging time is non-taxable!

Is hOur IMPACT a volunteer organization?

Not in the traditional sense.  hOur IMPACT operates on the basis of reciprocity between providers and receivers. We all have needs, but we all have value and something valuable to offer the community. Rather than asking "How can I help you?", we ask "How can we help each other build the world we both want to live in?" By working together, we accomplish so much more.